How Patients Can Connect with MYCARE Laboratories

MyCare Laboratories
January 22, 2020

How Patients Can Connect with MYCARE Laboratories

How Patients Can Connect with MYCARE Laboratories to Send Their Reports

MyCare is an all in one healthcare platform which offers complete e-health services in India.

Once the doctor has sent a prescription containing the pharmacy & medical test specifics after consultation, the patient will be able to send their prescriptions directly to their favorite local Laboratories by just one button. MyCare’s electronic prescription functionality allows you to send a prescription quickly and efficiently, and Laboratories will send you a prescription summary & quotes within minutes. All reports are stored automatically in the patient medical passport so that you can easily access your important medical data whenever you want. Laboratories can also submit reports directly to the patient’s home.

Laboratories are available for you based on your location. Patients are able to choose a laboratory that is right for them to send their prescriptions. Patients can then directly pay the laboratory bills via their My Care wallet. A laboratory will be able to take your reports straight from you with the My Care app so that you can then receive their report through the My Care app. This cuts down the time to within 2-3 hours for the patient to receive their reports from the laboratory.

How Patients Can Connect with MYCARE Laboratories
MYCARE Laboratories Flow
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The Flow: How Patient send their reports to MYCARE Laboratories?

  • Login into the MyCare App
  • With MyCare’s my medical data you can able to access all your medical reports & prescriptions
  • Select the recent reports that you want to send your preferred Laboratories
  • Select your preferred nearby Laboratory and send reports to them
  • The Laboratory will be notified that the patient sent reports to them
  • Then Laboratory send back the reports & prescription to the patient with an updated price of medicines
  • The patient can able to see their updated prescription & their medicine prices in the Laboratory price & report section
  • When you click on the Pay button patient can see the summary about total price and wallet balance and then when you click on the Pay button your payment is successfully sent to your Laboratories.
  • After successfully payment Laboratories will send your reports to you and all your medical reports automatically saved in MyCare’s digital medical passport folder.

What Laboratories Can Do with MyCare

  • In India, labs and pharmacies are still in the growing phase. With the My Care app, you can provide an easy healthcare solution to everyone involved.
  • With the My Care app laboratories can easily access patient prescriptions
  • Patients can find the laboratory that is right for them
  • With the My Care wallet, you can securely manage your payments and transfer your funds to your bank easily All patient prescriptions are saved digitally and encrypted

My Care Benefits for Laboratories

  • Inbound Inquiry
  • Zero (0) Investment
  • Easily manage all of your patient data at one place
  • Manage and send patient reports easily with My Care
  • Share reports from the app through email, FAX, or print
  • My care follows the HIPPA and GDPR compliances so all patient data is secure, getting rid of the fear of a breach of your sensitive information


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