What is MyCare App? How E-Health Transform Primary Healthcare Access in India

MyCare App
December 28, 2019

What is MyCare App? How E-Health Transform Primary Healthcare Access in India

Before we move to the great healthcare platform: MYCARE APP. let’s understand what is E-health and how it transforms the healthcare arena?

What is E-Health

In the current busy arena, a world moving towards to the e-health. E-health is the usage of digital data and communication technologies, such as computers and mobile phones, to use the health care services distantly and patient-users can take care of their health without visiting the doctor’s place and hospital. These technologies you use from home or that your doctor uses to improve or support health care services.

The spread of long-lasting lifestyle diseases is growing at a shocking pace, and much of it will end up in tertiary care if not managed and mediated at a suitable time. Focusing on primary and minor care is important as it shoves a stoppage mindset and helps peoples manage their health fills better. However, we cannot all depend on physical healthcare channels alone for preliminary care delivery as it is slow to the norm. Physical structure both in cities and in rural areas is showing to be an impairment and isn’t able to catch up fast enough. In that case, Technology is the only feasible solution to be able to handle with low doctor-patient ratio, mainly out-of-pocket spending and isolation of quality care.

What is MYCARE App? (A right healthcare platform for your health care)

MyCare is a revolutionary Healthcare Platform that connects patients to doctors through a secure mobile phone platform. Not only can patients connect with their doctors – they can connect with their hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories as well. Hospitals and Doctors can bring their care to more patients and get paid without the extra overhead. Patients have access to their pharmacies and laboratories at any time anywhere. Patients have access to all of their medical data- all through their MyCare app. The future is here: simple and seamless healthcare

MyCare Features:

  • All-in-one Healthcare Solution right on your phone
  • You can easily find the doctors who are right for you and your diagnosis
  • Reduce the waiting time to meet your doctor
  • Securely consult with your doctors through the app at any time anywhere
  • Upload, view, and share your important reports and medical data
  • Get your prescriptions digitally from your doctors through the app and pick them up from a pharmacy of your choice
  • HIPAA and GDPR compliant
  • Complete digitalized secure payment system via net banking, debit card, credit card, and other wallet types

How MYCARE Works?

What Doctors can do with MYCARE app:

My Care connects patients to their network of doctors and allows the doctors to work in an umbrella model centered on the patient. My Care makes an umbrella model possible through a seamless flow of patient data. With MyCare users can store and send their medical data, such as test results, past prescriptions, medical documents, and more, with ease. My Care’s electronic prescription delivery system helps patient users get the prescriptions they need in emergencies while also reducing their emergency healthcare costs. The goal of My Care is modest: put the patients first while instantaneously making it easier for the doctors.

What Hospitals can do with MYCARE app:

My Care interfaces with hospitals to provide a list of doctor users so if you need a doctor you can choose the best specialist for you. Users are in control of whom you get/give care from/to and when you get/give it. If you are a doctor user you can take back your day and continue to provide healthcare even when you aren’t in the hospital or clinic. If you are a patient-user you can also receive the care you need even during a busy schedule.  Find which hospital is suitable for you and your availability, consult rates & response times.

What Patient can do with MYCARE app:

My Care allows you as a patient to connect and speak with all of your doctors and specialists directly from your mobile phones and smartphones. Patients can connect with their primary care physicians to communicate and receive their medical diagnoses. My Care also allows patients to reach instant solutions during emergencies anytime anywhere.

What Laboratories can do with MYCARE app:

Laboratories are available for you based on your location. Patients can choose a laboratory that is right for them to send their prescriptions. Patients can then directly pay the laboratory bills via their My Care wallet. A laboratory will be able to take your reports straight from you with the My Care app so that you can then receive their report through the My Care app. This cuts down the time to within 2-3 hours for the patient to receive their reports from the laboratory.

What Pharmacy can do with MYCARE app:

Doctors will be able to send the prescription straight to your preferred pharmacy through My Care. If you do not have a pharmacy you use, your doctor can suggest one so you can get your medicine promptly. My Care’s electronic prescription functionality allows your doctor to quickly and efficiently diagnose your issue. And, if needed doctors can send a prescription to your preferred pharmacy within minutes. Pharmacies can then send the medicines directly to the patient’s home.

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MyCare-A revolutionary healthcare platform developed by XcelTec 

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